Penang: Armenian Street

Penang, a wonderful land of delicious foods and magnificent sceneries. It’s filled with interesting and exquisite architecture with a mixture of European and Asian culture, much like Melaka – another tourist destination in Malaysia. Georgetown is a hotspot for many as it is the center of tourism and for many (like me) a heaven for a delicious array of foods.



Image 1. Wet market


As soon as we landed on Penang island, we quickly left our bags and set foot towards Armenian street to have a look around. The entire place has a different vibe to it as compared to the other states in Malaysia (somewhat similar to Melaka though). The buildings were preserved well and there’s always something to see during your first few visits.



Image 2. Boon Wah Building, Georgetown Penang

One noteworthy building that easily catches people’s attention was this particular building. Boon Wah Building which functions as a textile shop, stands out perfectly among the dull colored buildings like a sore thumb. Don’t we all wish all the buildings down this street was colorful? It certainly makes life a bit more cheerful!



Image 3. Bicycles on the ceiling


Another interesting building that caught our eyes was this bicycle covered building which obviously functions to rent out bicycles to the average traveler. Here I thought those bicycles were rented for cartoon clowns who can somehow defy the law of gravity.



Image 4. I swear one of those tyres has a screw loose.


The district is not only doused with interesting architecture, from the street known as Lebuh Chulia towards Armenian Street, you can find street arts to feed your Instagram needs!  If you’re highly interested in street arts, you can always dive yourself into a map that focuses specifically on it!



Image 5. The infamous street painting that everyone poses with


Now, I know this looks wrong but the ‘sitting behind the kids’ thing has been done far too much so I ended up with this.


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