How to get to Ayutthaya

The wondrous ancient capital, Ayutthaya is rooted with rich history and culture. It was a place that I planned to visit, primarily because of their beautiful ruins. It was a bit mystifying wandering around and wondering what happened to the ruins and what it all meant. While walking around the ruins being ignorant of the history is quite fun. Looking back, maybe if I had researched a bit more, I would have cherished it even more. This is a city that you will not regret to visit if you plan to experience something new.

There are several methods for you to travel to Ayutthaya. However, this article will be about my choice of transportation on that day.


An example of Minibus. Image obtained via Wikimedia.

(The van might not be exactly decorated that way. It just serves as an example)

Price: 60 B (The cheapest option available)
Duration: Approx. 1 Hr 15 min
Every 20-30 minutes [Vietnamitas En Madrid, Global Travel Mate]

How to get there:
1) Take the train to Victory Monument via BTS station
2) Exit the BTS station via exit 4
3) Walk forward along the skywalk
4) Take the third exit to the right
5) Climb the stairs downwards and turn left
6) You should see some counters nearby the staircase area

Once you are done with everything at the counter, the staff will guide you to where the minibus stops. You might have to wait a couple of minutes (15minutes+ even) for the minibus to fill up before the van leaves.

Other methods:

Tuk Tuk

Image result for tuk tuk

Tuk Tuk. Image obtained from: Wikimedia Commons

After arriving at Ayutthaya, we were left alone in the middle of Ayutthaya with a couple of strangers greeting us immediately and asking us if we need a tuk-tuk ride around the ancient capital. As a frequent traveler, it was obvious enough that these people will be the ones who charge us the most. We first thought of walking around in search for a random tuk-tuk however, we failed in misery and decided to just hop onto one of their tuk-tuks.

We were first offered around 800Baht for just a ride around 3-4 temples. We quickly declined and bargained for a better price. The man appeared disappointed at first and asked us where we were from since my friend is from Indonesia, I decided to just shut up and play pretend (Indonesia has a lower currency compared to Malaysia) . We discussed the price for a short while only for us to agree on his offer which was 700Baht for 3 hours around 9 temples and an elephant ride (we agreed on not going for this later on).

Image result for tuk tuk ayutthaya

Another image of a Tuk Tuk. Image obtained from: Wikimedia Commons

Even though I knew that the price could have been bargained for as cheap as 200Baht/Hr, I wasn’t exactly sure if it was a price for one person. That and the posts online were almost 10 years old so I stupidly just accepted it. Frankly, we should have planned better.

The cheapest value I found online were:
Cheapest Tuk-tuk price: 200Baht/Hr or 800Baht/day
[Source:Trip Advisor Forum 1, Trip Advisor Forum 2Thousand Wonders]
Bicycle Rental: 40-50Baht (but it can get very, very hot)
[Source: Thailand For Visitors]


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